Author Statement

‘As a writer I like to mix things up temporally, spatially and stylistically – to cross the borders of genre, race, culture, history and latterly, with Mr Loverman, sexuality. My Afro-diasporic interests have led me to writing books that connect ancient and modern history with our contemporary society.

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For example, in Blonde Roots and The Emperor’s Babe I employ lashings of anachronisms to create worlds with shifting time frames that explore the relationship between the past and the present. In Lara I created multiple, inter-generational, inter-racial and inter-continental voices that examine the multicultural roots of the eponymous, mixed-race Lara. In Soul Tourists the past is revisited through ghosts of colour based on real characters in European history. Mr Loverman is about a Windrush Generation Caribbean immigrant who is homosexual, thus subverting expectations. One of my aims as a writer is to explore the hidden narratives of the African diaspora, to play with ideas, conjur up original fiction, and to shake things up a bit. Writing is an adventure, a journey into the unknown, and I enjoy liberating myself from the shackles of convention.’