Mr Loverman

Mr Loverman

A novel about a closet gay septuagenarian Antiguan-Londoner. 

Penguin UK, 2013

Barrington Jedidiah Walker is seventy-four and leads a double life. Born and bred in Antigua, he’s lived in Hackney since the sixties. A flamboyant, wise-cracking local character with a dapper taste in retro suits and a fondness for quoting Shakespeare, Barrington is a husband, father and grandfather – but he is also secretly homosexual, lovers with his great childhood friend, Morris. His deeply religious and disappointed wife, Carmel, thinks he sleeps with other women. When their marriage goes into meltdown, Barrington wants to divorce Carmel and live with Morris, but after a lifetime of fear and deception, will he manage to break away?

Mr Loverman is a ground-breaking exploration of Britain’s older Caribbean community which explodes cultural myths and fallacies and shows the extent of what can happen when people fear the consequences of being true to themselves.


(Also an unabridged audio book from Whole Audiobooks on Amazon)

‘A brilliant study of great characters in modern London. As such – as Mr Barrington Walker Esq himself might have acknowledged – it is very clever indeed.’

– Independent on Sunday

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